Promote local art, music, culture and small business

Welcome to the world of Our Bazaar. We create markets and unique environments to showcase the amazing creations of our neighbors, family and friends that deserve to be recognized. Through our events we are building a community of like-minded individuals who are determined to have their work seen, their music heard and their business sought while honoring the culture that surrounds our market locations. So many talented individuals are tucked away in the shadows and we aim to be a positive platform that will expose each and every member of our roster to the spotlight. 


elevate growth, unity and solidarity in the community

By promoting local artisans and businessesgrowth within the community will follow; not solely financial, but also achieving a sense of singularity. With current trends and social habits, there is a disconnect in interaction between individuals. A lot is lost in the digital world in which we currently exist. By structuring markets and gatherings in spaces geared to stimulate immediate human interaction, we aim to unify our population one show at a time.   



We have personally been down the tough road of conveying our thoughts, creations, songs and dreams to the public. This task is not easy. As a machine built to support success, we promise to open up as many doors and opportunities to our collective as possible. Promoting and supporting the success of all involved is Our Bazaar's top priority.